Nintendo Direct Rumors: Super Smash Bros Port, 'Bayonetta 3' and More

Dora Pope
March 8, 2018

All titles featured in the presentation will launch in 2018. While the March 8 Direct will likely give more information on some of the games announced during January's event, here's a few announcements we hope to see this Thursday.

After almost two months of waiting, Nintendo of America has finally revealed the time and date at which the next Nintendo Direct will be happening!

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11 was about 15 minutes long and squeezed in a ton of new game announcements and DLC updates for previously released games. And to top it all off, the big N now wants to know your favourite Nintendo Switch games as part of its Nintendo Switch one year anniversary celebrations. However, many have been rather curious what to expect from Nintendo in year 2 that can possibly keep up such a rapid pace. Focusing on both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS titles, there's certain to be announcements in-store that appeal to every Nintendo fan.

Stay tuned on GameRevolution tomorrow as we will be covering the Nintendo Direct presentation. Head on over to the official site here or YouTube to catch the stream live tomorrow.

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