OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering Nicole And Ron

Jessica Allison
March 14, 2018

Fox broadcast for the first time a 2006 video with Simpson in which he talked about his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson and gives a hypothetical account of events on the night in June 1994 when she and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered at her Los Angeles home. 12 years ago, OJ Simpson planned to write a book about the murders and his perspective of the story "if he had done it". Fox had been doing so well, you guys.

Everyone is buzzing today about FOX's "O.J".

In the view of prosecutor Christopher Darden, O.J. Simpson confesses to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in his 2006 TV interview that aired Sunday night.

Simpson added that in his auto he stashed a knife "for the crazier", alleging the weapon was carried for protection and was easier to travel with than a gun.

"This guy Charlie shows up, a guy who I recently became friends with", said Simpson. Regan identified him as Goldman and Simpson noted, "in the mood I was in, I started having words with him".

"As things got heated, I just remember that Nicole fell and hurt herself", Simpson continued.

Regan then asks Simpson whether he's ever blacked out before. But he said he did not take it out of the auto and his friend "Charlie" took it.

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Comic Jim Norton, whose show now streams on Netflix, chimed in with, "For someone being hypothetical, OJ sure says, "I remember." a lot". "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project", he said. I do remember them putting, putting those in a bag.

"And to be honest, after that, I don't remember, except I'm standing there and there's all kinds of stuff around".

It doesn't sound hypothetical at all here, and didn't to Regan at the time, either.

Regan was among a panel of experts who will participate in the broadcast, among them Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden and retired Federal Bureau of Investigation profiler Jim Clemente. It was meant to coincide with the publication via Fox's HarperCollins unit of a book by Simpson, "If I Did It", in which he detailed his "hypothetical" actions on the night of the murder. He described how the footage of the interview was unearthed years later. Yet "The Lost Confession?" came with a question mark in the title, and host Soledad O'Brien acknowledged at the end some viewers might not come to the same conclusion about what they saw.

He didn't respond when asked by Fox News for comment about the new documentary.

Simpson initially didn't want to go into details, but forges ahead anyway, providing details and emotional explanations to theories brought up at the trial. I know we gotta back off again. He faced 33 years in prison but was released on parole last October. According to Simpson, he met Nicole the day after he and his wife, Marguerite, chose to end their marriage.

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